TIENS Registration in PAKISTAN are as follow:

  • WFDSA: World Fedration Direct Selling Association DSB, UNO (United Nation Organization)
  • CBR: Central Board of Revenue
  • SECP: Security Exchange Commission of PAKISTAN, Reg No. K-9031
  • MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank,
  • Genral Sales Tax No. 12-00-3004-125-19
  • Tiens Company controlled by DSA Website: www.DSA.org
  • It is TAX paid compant. The NTN Number is 1452201-2.(To Verify Visit this LINK, and insert the NTN)
TIENS Pakistan is also a registered member of
 Chamber of Commerce of Islamabad
 Chamber of Commerce of
 Chamber of Commerce of Karachi.
 Chamber of Traders &Business Services
TIENS Pakistan is importing & marketing 285 varieties of quality  products under the trade mark of TIENS in the following categories:
 Healthcare food& supplements
 Healthcare device &appliances
 Beauty care & personal care products
 House care products
All the TIENS quality products meet the most stringent quality standard in the world such as ISO,GMP,HACCP…
It is worthwhile mentioning that the quality TINES healthcare food & supplements are herbal based natural dietary supplement, made in the TIENS production facilities in US,Malaysia ,and China.They are neither drugs nor medicines ,they are not covered under Drug Act 1976.The herbal based food supplements made in USA were FDA certified for free sales in US market,as well as for free export.

All the food supplements are Halal!

In Pakistan ,TIENS quality products are available in TINES Branches, Bannerstore ,as well as TIENS franchises in the county.